This project aimed bringing together the main stakeholders (public organisations, industry, user organisations and I&D institutions) to decide a set of Ambient Assisted Living services.

With this project, we were allowed to:

  • Caregiver platform integration – OneCare, that receives data from any platform supplier – tested along with Fraunhoufer;
  • Mobile app integration across the entire infrastructure, collecting and sending data for all caregivers’ platforms;
  • Provide spirometry data, blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, heart rate, pulse oximetry and panic button.

Giraff Plus


Giraff Plus project developed a robot to keep elderly people comfortably at their home, using a set of sensors to monitors health parameters, ambient variable and fall detection. Giraff robot allows the integration of custom sensors according to the users’ needs. The device has a visual interface including Skype functionalities which allows caregivers and family members to visit virtually the person at home.

The main objectives were:

  • Development of a network system encompassing by a set of physiological and ambient sensors.
  • Make available intelligent services that trigger alarms allowing quicker and more efficient actions by healthcare professionals and/or family members.
  • Test the system on the field in several homes across Europe.




This project aimed to developed a mobile system able to analyse breathing sounds that monitor breathing cycles. Besides this, the system can also record the sounds, as well as other biomedical and mental parameters, transmit them to a central health unit where they become available for a health professional to analyse them.

It is possible to monitor at home functional and breathing parameters, depression and anxiety on patients with Chronical Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) using telemedicine.

Intellicare technology that performs sounds auscultation and detects lung pathologies was adapted to diagnose and monitor COPD patients. The intention was to evaluate the effectiveness of the pulmonary sounds monitoring system during long term therapy, cost reduction, users’ and their families’ comfort and a closer follow-up by healthcare professionals.



This project main goal was to develop an integrated system to monitor physiological parameters and remotely control mechanical ventilation. It had to work at patients’ home allowing healthcare providers and healthcare professionals to have access to continuous monitored parameters, as well as the ability to adjust operating parameters of an assisted ventilation machine remotely, thereby reducing visits to health facilities and enabling closer monitoring.