Amo Vida

The agreement between Intellicare and Amo Vida gives Amo Vida the possibility of promoting Intellicare’s products and resales them through its customers’ portfolio and distribution channels. At the same time, Intellicare promotes Amo Vida’s telemedicine services through its customers’ portfolio and distribution channels.

Associação Mutualista dos Engenheiros (AME)

The protocol between Intellicare and AME allows AME’s members and their family members to benefit from a set of health care and welfare services in order to promote continuous and remote monitoring by caregivers.

HealthCluster Portugal (HCP)

Intellicare is an associate member of HealthCluster Portugal. “HCP has as its main objective the promotion and implementation of initiatives and activities leading to the consolidation of a national cluster for competitiveness, innovation and technology, with an international outlook and, as such, taking into account high standards of quality and professionalism, to promote and foster cooperation between companies, organisations, universities and public entities, with a view to increase business volume, exports and qualified employment, in the economic areas related to health and to the improvement of health care.”

União das Mutualidades Portuguesas (UMP)

The protocol between Intellicare and UMP aims to provide a set of services and goods on health and well-being that ensures a close and custom follow-up, mainly of senior citizens, people with chronical diseases or/and with special needs.


A Vivago is a Finnish company pioneer in developing intelligent solutions on safety and well-being of senior citizens, people with special needs and others. These solutions are based on patented technology allowing Vivago to provide custom responses.

Intellicare specialised on health and wellness remote monitoring solutions is the exclusive representing of Vivago in Portugal.