OneCare Sensing


Need to control your glycemia? Need to control your blood pressure?

With OneCare Sensing you can monitor these and other indicators comfortably at your home. The evaluation of these factors is autonomously and simply executed. It also allows your doctor to access this information in real-time and there is a data history permanently available.

What is OneCare Sensing? What is it for? How does it work?
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OneCare Safe


Want to go out and feel always accompanied?

OneCare Safe allows you to request aid by an alert/voice call to a family/caretaker. User uses wears a device that allows him to trigger an alert to a caregiver or a family member, or a phone call and/or text message (SMS). The device also allows caregiver/family member to know user’s location every time it is needed.

What is OneCare Safe? What is it for? How does it work?
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Vivago Residential


Want to be accompanied in real-time, comfortably at your home, without any upsets?

Vivago Residential provides permanent monitoring of your activity levels, well-being, among others, at your home. In addition to triggering manual alarms, automatic, intelligent and personalised alerts are sent out to your family or caretakers. It also can be used for home care services or to clinically monitor users after hospitalisation ends.

What is Vivago Residential? What is it for? How does it work?
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Vivago Institutional


Want to improve health care quality for your users?

Vivago Institutional allows using a watch, permanently monitor activity levels, well-being and temperature of nursing homes users, continued care units, day-care centres or health centres. This system allows automatic, personalised and intelligent alerts to be issued, as well as manually send out alarms and regular well-being reports emission.

What is Vivago Institutional? What is it for? How does it work?
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