What is it?

Is a solution to monitor senior citizens, people with dementia or with special needs at home. User uses wears a device that allows him to trigger an alert to a caregiver or a family member, or a phone call and/or text message (SMS). The device also allows caregiver/family member to know user’s location every time it is needed.

What it is for?

  • Provide help from your family or caregivers every time who need, especially if you fall;
  • Feel more confident, tranquil and improve your quality of life, even if you live alone;
  • Stay at your home always “feeling accompanied”;
  • Autonomy and independence of daily life tasks, even outside home.

How it works?

Alert button
Press an alert button every time you need help
Phone call
You can make a phone call to until 3 preconfigured numbers
GPS location
Possibility of providing GPS location coordinates if needed
Download OneCare Safe flyer here