OneCare Sensing

“Two years ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus type 2. Since then, OneCare Sensing has been present on my daily life by performing blood glucose measurements which allowed me to control and decrease the impact of the disease on my life. My doctor can have access to the measurements, at any time and anywhere, with the possibility to contact me every time I need to adjust the insulin dose.” – Customer, Lisboa

What is OneCare Sensing? What is it for? How it works?
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OneCare Safe

“I chose OneCare Safe for my father so I can be in permanent contact with him. Physical and cognitive fragilities make him sometimes lose track where he is. Every time he leaves home for a walk, he carries OneCare Safe with him which gives me tranquillity, knowing that is always traceable. The device allows my father to ask for help anytime, allowing me to ask for help quickly and go and meet him using the GPS coordinates provided by device. – Informal caregiver, Braga

What is OneCare Safe? What is it for? How it works?
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Vivago Residencial

“Mr. João is user of our home care service and he has one Vivago Residential kit at home. With Vivago, we know in real-time how Mr. João’s health and well-being levels are. One day, after some symptoms and not feeling very well, he pressed Vivago’s watch panic button which allowed us to aid him immediately”” – Formal caregiver, Home care service, Coimbra

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Vivago Institutional

“Mrs. Maria is our patient and she has Alzheimer. Vivago’s watch allows us to provide differentiated services by collecting daily activity indicators which has been very important for our nursing staff to take more and better decisions. On Mrs. Maria case we realised that she spends much time at night awaked and during part of the evening sleeping. The information Vivago provided us was very useful to give stimulus with more hobbies and tasks during the day and, as a result, she started to sleep better at night. “
” – Formal caregiver, Home care service, Coimbra

What is Vivago Institutional? What is it for? How it works?
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