What is it?

Vivago Residential (Domi) is a monitoring system to follow patients’ activity in real-time, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It learns users’ normal rhythm, performing automatically calls when it detects an abnormal situation or help when the patient himself/herself can’t press watch’s panic button (fall or unconsciousness – 80% of emergencies related with elderly people). Vivago Domi kit has a watch, a base station and a charger.

Its target are the people who live alone at home or spend much time alone, giving caregivers more tranquility and increasing users’ well-being.

What it is for?

Vivago Domi learns the normal user’s behaviour during the day. Analyses pattern modifications even without emergency situations. These features bring safety, allow people to be more active and improve quality of life. It also allows caregivers, home care services or healthcare call centres to be immediately notified.

How it works?

Vivago Domi watch monitors activity, movements, temperature and well-being condition in real-time and users’ wear it on their wrist. This data is updated every minute and sent through the base station, being available on the web portal. In an emergency situation, the person configured to receive notifications (family member, home care service staff, neighbour) can perform a phone call to the system installed on the patient’s home.

It can be complemented with teleassistance service, 24 hours available.

Download Vivago Residential flyer here